Maes Party Rentals

Soft Play Toddler, Ball Pit

At MAES Party Rentals, we believe every celebration should be inclusive, and that’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our upcoming Toddler Fun Area. Designed specifically for the youngest members of your event, our Toddler Fun Area promises a world of whimsy, laughter, and delightful exploration.

Safe and Stimulating Play

Our Toddler Fun Area is crafted with safety as the top priority. From soft play structures to age-appropriate activities, toddlers can engage in play that nurtures their development and sparks their imagination.

Colorful and Inviting Atmosphere

Step into a vibrant and inviting space that captures the attention of little ones. The Toddler Fun Area is designed with cheerful colors, interactive elements, and engaging play structures that create an atmosphere of joy and wonder.

*Not all soft packages are pictured, we have all colors to match your toddlers big day and can customize your package.